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Ps 33:3 Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise.

I would encourage you to check out these fine sites and let them know you got their address at NSO.

UnchainD is a Christian Rock Band based out of the Tampa Florida area. You can check out their songs in MP3 format at www.mp3.com/unchaind!
Check them out!

Founder of Kindomquest International Ministries, Don was ordained an elder in 1966, and sent out in apostolic ministry in 1968. He regularly convenes apostolic leaders, and participates in a variety of apostolic meetings. Serving in China, India, and Puerto Rico, he has also ministered in England, The Ukraine, Peru, Venezuela, Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, and Bolivia. He also serves churches and ministries throughout the United States. He has established a number of local churches, a Christian radio station, a half-way house for rehabilitating addicts.
Read teachings, check itinerary, purchase publications, and much more on line at: www.DonAtkin.com
Contemporary Music Resources from Frank Rasenberger

With God given insight into the Contemporary Christian Music Scene, Frank Rasenberger has developed and edited several helpful works for us in the Christian Music Internet Community. These thought provoking works include.... Topical Index Of Contemporary Music, Contemporary Music - A Scriptural Index, ABC-Rock Comparisons, Contemporary Christian Music Comparisons, Christians Covering The Mainstream, What So & So Sez, Suitable Mainstream Tracks For Christian Radio, Recommended Christian Artists & Bands Of A Specific Musical Genre, plus Musical Musings & Pithy Sayings of a (former) Community Radio Announcer.
Southern Gospel Music by Harmony Hill

Their beautiful harmony, unique style, and dynamic services soon made them a trio that one would not easily forget, thus making them one of Mississippie's best loved Trios.
The one thing that stands out more than anything else is their desire to see people saved.
ALM Productions

ALM Productions provides excellent MIDI production studio services to the Contemporary Christian music industry. They create custom midi files for use as additional instrumentation to compliment your existing band as well as to control multiple midi devices in live performance and other applications.
Tahitian Noni Juice

How Long Have You Waited For A Product That Could Benefit Your Entire Immune System & Give Your Body A Tune-up?   "Tahitian Noni Juice" Has Certainly Made A Difference In A Lot Of People's Lives Around The World.  The Best  Way To Know Is To Try It For 90 Days And See For Yourself.
Christian Music

Created by the talented web-host Derrick, this site is all about Christian Music. The musicians that create it and the Music Lovers who listen to it. Our focus is on Independent Christian Artist who have a love for the Lord and a gift from God to worship him in Music. Just because you may not be signed by a major label doesn't mean that the passion the Lord has given you to worship him can't be heard by the Body of Christ. If you are looking for fresh new music to listen to this is the site for you. 
Prayer Warriors of the World

A group of people who believe in the power of prayer and have come together to form a world wide prayer chain. The members of this prayer chain also believe in His promises and have a desire to be instruments of His will.
CCM...What is it?

Has anyone ever asked you about CCM and you didn't know how to respond? Do you believe in your heart that it is what the Lord wants you to listen to, but others voice their opinion or dislike of it and perhaps took some scripture out of context to try to steer you to their side of the fence?  Here is a Site that has a very rational and Christ like defense of ministry through modern Christian music. It also contains some fun satire, great testimonies, and links to many Christian music sites. 
Russell's Christian Page

Large variety of Christian Links that will keep you surfing for hours!

NewSong Online is very concerned about the current nationwide attack on the Boy Scouts.  This site has more information about this problem as well as suggesting some things which each of us can do to protect scouting.  We hope you will visit it and also help out.

Please sign the petition at http://www.SaveOurScouts.com

Caroline's Beef Chili
Caroline's Beef Chili is the "World's Greatest Hotdog Chili" Third Generation of Original Recipe developed in 1949! Check this site out, and get the "World's Greatest Hotdog Chili" for your Restaurant!
John & Bob

JohnAndBob.com is not complete yet as of 8/5/00...but should be ready in the very near future! To be notified of when the site will be officially up and running or more info, just drop them an email at: john@johnandbob.com. John & Bob are a comedy duo who perform sketches and two-man banter.  J&B can also be seen on re-runs of Cafe' Video on PAX TV (The Christian Network)...Possible secular comparisons for this duo are...Andy Kaufman, Abbot & Costello, & The Olsen Twins!!!

Soul Filler
Soul Filler really has a heart to reach the lost for Christ. Visit this new site and watch it as it grows, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.
PhAt pHiSh!

PhAt pHiSh! is a Christian Youth oriented website based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a resource rich website packed with interesting content. Including but not limited to: Experiences, Testimonies, Online Journal, Top 100 program, Games, etc etc.
Make Hep C victims eligible for Social Security Benefits

In lieu of the devastation being caused by Hepatitis C (HCV), I am signing this petition to ask for your assistance. HCV is considered an epidemic. Four times as many Americans have HCV as are infected by HIV. We need your help! HCV must be declared a debiliating disease like AIDS. AIDS patients are entitled to Social Security to help them financially. HCV deserve the same opportunity. We also have incredible medical bills and are often too sick too work. HCV can cause debilitating fatigue and "brain fog" and is associated with diabetes, arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, liver failure and liver cancer. By declaring HCV a presumptive disability and allowing us to become eligible for Social Security services, you give us assistance and encouragment. Most persons with HCV are Baby Boomers and many have children to support. Social Security assistance would greatly help families affected by HCV. I thank you for your time and sincerely hope you will make a difference for HCV victims and their families.
To make this happen, please bring this petition to the attention of your friends by forwarding them the link to http://www.i-charity.net/sw.cgi/ptn/43/thref/155

Petition to Mr. Kenneth Apfel, Commissioner, SSA
Sponsored by: Kathryn Morse

The band name is PoetTree.com  - and, yes the dot com is part of the name. The unique aspect about the band is that they specialize in verbatim scripture songs.  Their first project, “Here To Heaven”, was 7 years in the making and contains 100 bible verses relevant to evangelism in 42 songs and uses the full 74 minutes on the cd.

Joyful Noise Christian Music

Joyful Noise Christian Music Arrangements and Compositions.  A Christian music ministry site for children and adults featuring original compositions and arrangements of traditional and contemporary songs.
Heart & Soul, Music with a Message

The purpose of Heart & Soul is to create music specifically designed for leading people to the Lord. The music is sold to raise money for missions here and abroad.

This band's musical goal is to unite people of all ages in worship and praise to the Creator. Their music offers light to a better way and hope to those seeking the Truth.
Greg's Music Theory Page

Greg has a Christian Progressive Rock instrumental band, "The Collaboration Element" plus several various links that will cater to many.

Christian Music Central
Here you can find many informative articles, bible readings, clearly explained facts about Christianity, prayers, and much more! They also have a Music Archive a Message Board...Keep an eye on this site!

God Is Good
Well organized site that has several different sections including,  Prayer, Praise Reports, Testimonies, Art, Chat, Music, Upcoming Events, Comments, & Links to Other Sites.

Daily devotions for every day of the week. Scripture and commentary to meditate on, that will feed you spiritually!

A great resource for musicians and project studios featuring an online auction of music gear and recording equipment. Everything sold has a 100% money back guarantee. We also guarantee some killer deals, check it out at http://www.digibid.com

CJF's Home Page
This Site has some useful links that are some of Carol's favorite sites on the net.

Gods Christian Warriors Sanctuary (GCWS)
A place for Christians to meet other Christians. Also featuring links to help everybody find things of a Christian nature.

DramaShare supports those involved in Christian Drama Ministry, world-wide, with How-to manuals, scripts, seminars, newsletters, and AnnaMation Puppets

Halleluia is a multi faceted site with a lot to offer the Christian Online Community.

 Cross-Link Counseling
Christian Counseling Web Site that features an Online Christian Counseling Magazine entitled, The Counselor, featuring articles about Biblical Christian Counseling.

Christian Media UK
Free Christian graphics and Christian software!

A Great Christian Site!

Kalubone Records  
CCM Record Company

Genetrix Software 
Christian screensavers and more!

Let's Celebrate Music Productions 
Christian and Catholic music website!

Excellent Christian Hard Rock Band

Click this to see a whistler's site! 
This site really whistles!

Praise 4 Home page  
A great site...a real looker too!

The Christian Information Page 
Gilbert Rod's Christian Info Page, Bible Study, and more!

Christian Links Website
Steven Rod's Christian Links, Chat, and more!

A variety of links and more

good friday
Christian Rock Band

All 4HIM!
A Personal Page

Our House
An Inspiring Personal Page

Phil Hartley 
Christian Rock

Real Music
Contemporary Christian Music

Wes Davis 
The Rocking Rev

Lea Joyner Memorial UMC 
The Friendly Church

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