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Searching for your own dream Web Site?
You are at this Site for a reason. Perhaps you are wanting to compare our services and rates to the others so you can find the best deal with the highest quality for your present or future Web Site. NewSong Online would like to insure you that we will give you premium service on all of your needs, whether it be Virtual Hosting with your own domain name, Web Page Designing, or Custom Graphics at the most affordable prices.
Premium Quality at Affordable Prices
Web Design by NewSong Online is your online source for quality designed Web Pages, Graphics, and all of yourneeds. We will custom design the Site from your specifications for less than the competition, guaranteed! We can design yourSite from the ground up or breathe new life into your old Pages. If you are interested in us designing a Web Page for your Church, your Company, or a Personal Web Page, click on Web Design above to find out more.

We custom design  animated graphics, title bars,  banners, icons, and various other Graphics to your specifications. We can put your new creations on CD for you in your choice of any of the popular formats. This way you can use our service for a new logo creation for your company, business card, or store sign. As you see, your custom designed graphics can be used in more ways than just on your webpage! If you are interested in some specially designed graphics that could save you hundreds of dollars, go to the top of this page and click on Graphic Design.

To see a list of some of our satisfied Customers that we have done work  for, click on the Clients tab at the top..

Ask for a free cost estimate. We'll find the best package for you and your site. Just email us requesting a cost estimate in the subject line or in the content of the message, and give a description of what you want, number of pages, & etc... click on the Prices & Options tab at the top for an idea of costs involved.

For information on the for "Intro to Computers", "Intro to the Internet" or other Classes offered by NewSong Online, click here

Did you know?

According to Plunkett Research, significant, continuing growth was seen in the global Internet and E-Commerce sector in 2006. This growth will continue into 2007 and 2008, particularly in growing worldwide use of the Internet in general, growing access to the Internet via wireless devices and growing consumer purchases via websites.

Worldwide, more than 1.1 billion people are using the Internet. China has become the second largest online market, after the U.S., with more than 132 million Internet users.

The number of American homes and businesses with broadband access capabilities topped 60 million as 2007 began, and a plethora of new services, entertainment options and time-saving solutions have become widely available. The U.S. population is becoming more tech-savvy, with at least 72% of American adults surfing the net on a regular basis. Confidence in security for online transactions is on the rise, as is the ease of use of most retail web sites.

Retailing online continues to be a booming business. Total online sales reached approximately $104 billion in the U.S. during 2006, up from about $89 billion in 2005. For 2007, growth in e-commerce sales in America will be 20% to 25%.


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